Starting my blog

I will be also using this site to put up a collection of my thoughts on web design/development, AI, ML, and other topics that I find interesting. I may also include some progress updates on the status of projects I work on not related to any clients.

Currently I am working through a great book written by Harrison Kinsley and Daniel Kukiela which is Neural Networks From Scratch In Python. It is a great deep dive into the subject and has really helped me increase my understanding of Neural Networks. The breakdown to the bare basics of the network really helps drive home how they work. I highly recommend this book which can be purchased here and has a great accompanying YouTube series here. Also I have been working on an image classifier of objects in a popular online game in real time to act as an accessibility tool. I hope to be able to integrate the deeper neural network knowledge I have gathered to improve the performance on this project and hopefully I will be able to share more details about that soon.


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